Sunshine, rain clouds and everything in between.


I’ve started this as an early start to my new years resolution; perhaps I should back up and explain myself.

We all have our own problems, issues and quirks, my biggest one is that I care.  Did that read as cheesy as I think it did?  Well it’s still the truth I care entirely too much about other people.  Some would say that’s a good trait and a good problem to have, however those same people will tell you to mind your own business when you try to help them.  I am tired to trying to get through to those people and having my head bit off so I have decided that I am going to keep silent.  That however, is not an easy task! I am the type of person who has to say what is on their mind so I figured the best way to reach people that actually want to be reached is to put it out there for all to see.

I have studied Advertising, Marketing, Graphic Design, Psychology, and I hold 5 certificates in pet health and nutrition.  My zoo includes a Giant Schnauzer (Echo) an American/Polish Dwarf mix rabbit (Sapphire) lots of Tetras, a Rainbow Fish, 2 African Dwarf frogs (Neela and the other one), My Husband and Myself.  No there are no kids and maybe in the future I will write about that, and what it is like to life in a world full of moms and have to explain the pets are my kids.

So here it is my blog for the world to see, if they want to see.  Feel free to ask me questions or suggest topics.


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